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The Cost of Technology

No one was more surprised than the physician himself.
The drawing was unmistakable. It showed the
artist—a 7-year-old girl—on the examining table.
Her older sister was seated nearby in a chair, as was her
mother, cradling her baby sister. The doctor sat staring at
the computer, his back to the patient—and everyone else.

Read what Elizabeth Toll MD, reveals about the importance of a physician’s body language The cost of technology

Art Observation as a Vehicle for Clinical Education

In 2012, Justin Haseltine was a first year medical student at Weill Cornell Medical College. That very year he signed up for a pioneering 30-hour training program which used art to help medical students develop their perceptual skills. ArtMed inSight designed and developed 20 hours of that training. Read what Haseltine writes of this experience in the American Medical Student Research Journal.

When Your Surgeon Has an Art Diploma on the Wall

From The Globe and Mail (June 11, 2012):

“There are a few things we like to see on a doctor’s office wall. A medical degree is a good start, especially if it’s from a university that doesn’t have the words “mail-order correspondence” in its name. But what about an art school diploma? For physicians, especially those engaged in medical research, that might be a good idea.” See full article.