Code Share Agreements

Code Share Agreements: What You Need to Know

Code share agreements are becoming increasingly common in the airline industry, but many passengers are still unsure about what they are and how they work. In this article, we will take a closer look at code share agreements and answer some common questions about them.

What Are Code Share Agreements?

A code share agreement is a partnership between two or more airlines that allows them to sell tickets on each other`s flights. This means that two airlines can offer the same flight under a different flight number and on behalf of one another. For example, United Airlines may sell a flight from Chicago to London under the United flight number, but it may also sell that same flight under the Lufthansa flight number, which is a partner airline.

What Are the Benefits of Code Share Agreements?

There are several benefits to code share agreements for both airlines and passengers. For airlines, it allows them to expand their network and offer more destinations without having to fly their own planes to those cities. It also allows them to fill seats on flights that may not be as popular by partnering with another airline. For passengers, it can help simplify travel plans, as they can book a single ticket for a journey that involves multiple airlines. It also gives passengers more options for flight times and routes.

How Do Code Share Agreements Work?

When airlines enter into a code share agreement, they agree to share seats on selected flights. This means that the partner airline can sell tickets on those flights as if they were its own. However, the operating airline will still operate the flight, meaning its pilots, flight attendants, and ground crew will be responsible for the flight`s safety and operation. This is important to note, as passengers may think they are flying with one airline, but will be served by another once they board the plane.

How Can Passengers Identify Code Share Flights?

Code share flights are usually identified by the flight number and the airline`s name. For example, a Lufthansa flight that is operated by United Airlines may have the flight number LH1234/UA5678. The “LH” portion of the flight number indicates that it is a Lufthansa flight, while the “UA” portion indicates that it is being operated by United Airlines. Passengers can also look for a “Operated by _____” note on their ticket or itinerary.

In conclusion, code share agreements are a useful tool for airlines and passengers alike. They allow airlines to expand their reach while providing passengers with more options for travel. However, passengers should be aware of how code share flights work and what to expect when flying with a partner airline. By understanding these agreements, passengers can make informed decisions about their travel plans.