Eyes_78717450webArtMed inSight uses art to enhance perception. Better perceptual skills assist clinicians, healthcare practitioners and professionals in strengthening their observation, communication. and creative problem-solving abilities.  

ArtMed inSight sessions help clinicians, healthcare practitioners, and professionals sharpen key perceptual abilities. The experience serves to increase observational expertise and meta-cognition while developing visual diagnostic, communication, and creative problem-solving skills vital to professional excellence.

We have created a diverse but focused series of training programs and workshops which include the close examination and exploration of art from the world’s great museums, interactive discussions as well as hands-on art, writing, and observational exercises.

vermeer_webWhy Art and Medicine? Why Art and Professional Development?

Research focusing on a class designed by ArtMed inSight and based on its perceptual methodology showed improved observational, meta-cognitive, emotional awareness and team building skills for medical students at Columbia University Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medical College.

Physicians’ and professionals’ communication skills can be expanded using art observation techniques to develop greater awareness of patient conditions and client needs.

Art Engagement supports team building. 21st century medicine and other professional domains benefit from effective teamwork. Productive communication among medical practitioners and professionals is a key factor in generating successful patient and work outcomes.

Meta-cognition increases the recognition of bias. Art observation techniques support the recognition of bias by providing a platform to heighten meta-cognitive skills. Awareness of bias helps professionals and teams move beyond limited thinking and expand their vision.

Creative reflection supports innovation. Art observation supports creative reflection by providing strategies to see anew.


“It is the function of art to renew our perception. What we are familiar with we cease to see.”
—Anais Nin