Anne Wallentine discusses ArtMed inSight’s work in the art and medical education field in her article published in Hyperallergic. Check it out here

ArtMed inSight specializes in the investigation of art, perception and medicine and is recognized as an expert in the pioneering
art and medicine field.   

ArtMed inSight collaborates with leading medical institutions and hospitals such as NYU Langone Health, Columbia University Medical Center, Cornell Weill Medical College, Mt Sinai-St Luke’s and Massachusetts General Hospital among others.

Given the effectiveness of its methods, ArtMed inSight is now offering its signature The Art of Seeing training programs to all professionals interested in enhancing their perceptual skills in order to see more and better. 

ArtMed inSight delivers:


ArtMed inSight designs innovative educational programs for physicians and healthcare personnel at medical institutions and hospitals. These programs use art to to help doctors, healthcare workers and medical students enhance their visual diagnostic, communication and stress management skills.

ArtMed inSight now also offers these training programs to professionals of all disciplines interested in strengthening their perceptual expertise for better observational and creative thinking know-how.


ArtMed inSight creates sensory-based art installations for high stress environments such as hospitals and medical institutions. Using breakthrough technologies, these installations provide immersive sensory art environments to provide inspiration and stress reduction for patients, care givers, and medical personnel. 

“It is the function of art to renew our perception. What we are familiar with we cease to see.”
—Anais Nin